In this post we will be discussing the importance of laughter at work, spoiler alert it’s surprisingly important.  In the workplace people suppress laughter in an effort to look serious, however embracing laughter can actually benefit you.

So, why Practise Laughter at Work?

A Robert Half International survey found that 91% of executives believe a sense of humour is important for career advancement; while 84% feel that people with a good sense of humour do a better job.

To be effective in the workplace, humour should be safe. Safe humour laughs with people not at them, so any joke that is at the expense of another person, organisation or group of people should always be avoided!

Encouraging laughter in the workplace promotes a positive environment, helps colleagues bond, creates a positive attitude and helps improve communication.

Laughter in the workplace has several benefits to the overall success of the company…


Laughter Helps your Health

It releases feel-good endorphins in your brain that help relieve stress and enhance your overall well being.

Your body relaxes when you laugh, and you breathe better. It also stimulates the heart and lungs which increases blood flow around the body.

Laughter is a Potent Stress Buster

The work environment is full of pressure. For example, you have a bulk of work and it seems like you never have enough time to complete anything on schedule. This can stress you and cause tension between colleagues.

Humour helps you to release pent-up tension allowing you to approach the situation with a new and divergent attitude that permits you to consider other’s opinions.

Laughter is Humanising and Helps Build Trust

It breaks down walls of tension, unfamiliarity and stress and puts others at ease. 

You’ve probably been in the scenario where you didn’t know someone very well, but after sharing a laugh, you felt an instant bond.

Humour also breaks walls and makes people more approachable as laughter reveals the real people behind the tough exteriors they wear to work, allowing colleagues to trust each other.

Laughter Enhances Creativity

People who tend to look at the funny side of a situation often come up with ‘outside-the-box’ solutions.

Laughter Boosts Morale

Humour helps you ‘see the forest through the trees’, an essential attitude in the workplace. It allows you get through tough situations as a team, and bond through good and bad times.

Laughter also allows you to break the tension in heated situations. A feel-good attitude in the workplace boosts the team’s morale.

Laughter in the Work Place

Laughter in the Work Place

Laughter can Allow your Company to Stand out

An employer who encourages laughter in the workplace stands to benefit.

Humour fosters healthy relationships among staff members and with clients. People enjoy being around happy people, and laughter attracts people. Learn to make fun of situations without offending people.

Customers also enjoy working with people who make them laugh or approach a situation light-heartedly.  Encouraging humour also gives your company an edge over competitors, allowing you to attract top talent.

Laughter can Increase Productivity

People who laugh a lot enjoy the benefits of laughter, for example: better personal satisfaction, less tension, better relaxation, and a positive outlook in life.

They pay more attention to their work and appreciate their efforts, motivating them to do better. They also do not let the stress at work get to them, allowing them to remain productive.

We really hope you found this post useful and productive!  If this post interested you, you may also like our previous blog regarding the correlation between exercise and mental health.

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