In this post one of our fantastic CLLD Mentors talks all things rugby vs. football. Where do you stand on this hot button topic sports fans?

Setting The Sceneย 

To me, Rugby league is the greatest sport of all time. I can vouch for every Rugby League fan when I say the first game of a new season is always daunting regardless of which team you support. The fear of possible injuries being sustained after round one remains on your mind all day. Even throughout the game and after the game! Then it’s time to anxiously wait for the results! Today I will explain why I think Rugby League fans are just simply awesome.

Hull Kingston Rovers vs Hull FCย 

Hull Kingston Rovers are the team I have supported my whole life. Their first game of the 2019 season was a really exciting one! Hull Kingston Rovers vs Hull FC was the biggest derby game in Rugby League History. As you can imagine for us fans this one was more daunting than usual. Throughout the game, the tension was rising and the fans were constantly singing. The atmosphere was great.

Everyone in the crowd believed Hull FC would win the game 16 points to 14. However, with six seconds on the clock, Hull Kingston Rovers scored again to make the final score 18 โ€“ 16. The Hull FC fans will have been bitterly disappointed to lose the game in such dramatic circumstances. But outside the ground, there was no trouble and fans from both teams walked side by side. I personally felt safe and relaxed (as well as being pleased with the result) as we made our way back to the car.

But What About Football?

Contrast this with football matches where supporters from opposing teams have to be segregated. In some cases away fans have to wait inside the ground after the game to allow the home support to disperse. It is not unusual to see police officers at football games whereas at rugby there is rarely a police presence. For me, this is why I enjoy my trips to rugby games and enjoy the action on the field and not off it.

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer rugby or football games? Or maybe even both?

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