A 2017 UK study discovered that out of 20.9 million households (of which had at least one member aged 16-64 years old) 12.3 million had all household members working. Another statistic highlighted that 4.9 million mothers with dependent children were actively engaged in the workforce.

So, what are the implications for working parents/cooks/cleaners/sock finders?  EVERY detail of life needs to be planned in advance because spare time…What’s that?

There’s no how to guide for working parents, it’s a manual that you write for yourself.  Mistakes mean lessons are learned.  Forgot that costume for World Book Day?  Here’s a bed sheet, go as the Roman emperor from a history book.  Just do your best, exactly as we tell our kids.

As we navigate through the crazy world of the working parent, it doesn’t hurt to have some helpful survival tips.

As we navigate through the crazy world of the working parent, it doesn’t hurt to have some helpful survival tips.

4 Tips for Working Parents

Be efficient with the housework

Purchase a tumble dryer and dish washer!  This is a great way to claw back some time to spend in other ways.  *Warning* upon first use, you may have to hold back the cascade of happy tears.  Ultimately a clean home looks great but the memories you can make getting up to mischief with the family are priceless.

Get serious about work life balance

Have a work life and a home life!  It’s great for children to understand the concept of a solid work ethic; however, it’s no life if your head is always in your laptop!  Work to live not live to work.  When you are at home with your children, be present with them.  Leave work at the door!

Get help with work overwhelm

A 2016/2017 survey showed that 526,000 workers suffer from work related stress, depression or anxiety.  If you cannot cope with the pressure, then speak to someone.  It’s okay for you to be the one who needs help!  You have a line manager for a reason, and if you feel your voice is not being heard, then speak to someone who will listen.

Schedule in time for yourself

Find something for yourself!  When your days revolve around the school run, work, tea, house work … The list can feel endless and you deserve a break from it all!  Find a hobby that enables you to meet new people, relax and stay motivated.  You could even find something that is exercise related!  In our previous post we discuss how exercise can benefit your mental health.  It’s important to take time for yourself and to be healthy physically and mentally.

In closing

There is no doubt about it, being a working parent is TOUGH.  It’s a balancing act alright!  So, you must make life easier for yourself where you can.  We could write an endless list of do’s and don’ts, but whichever route you choose to pursue, it should be right for you and your family.

As a working parent sometimes, it’s the little things in life that make you feel complete!  Whether that’s sharing a heap of pancakes at the dining table or doing the school run… just remember to make space in your life for those memories that last a life time.