Discover the incredible benefits of partnering with Activfirst and supporting young individuals on a transformative pathway.

Are you involved in community engagement through sports such as rugby, football, boxing or multi-sport etc?

Watch this enlightening video to discover the invaluable opportunities and positive outcomes of community focused apprenticeships.

  • Unlock the full potential of volunteers and your existing workforce
  • Benefit from high quality teaching and delivery which is 95% to 100% funded by the government.
  • Gain expert guidance in managing and developing young talent.
  • Invest in the future of young individuals and enrich their lives.
  • Strengthen your community engagement initiatives through partnership with Activfirst.


Unlock potential..

By collaborating with Activfirst, you can provide a structured and empowering framework for young people to develop essential skills, gain industry-recognised qualifications, and progress towards leadership and management roles within your community engagement initiatives.

The Community Activator Coach promotes, delivers and coaches fun, inclusive and engaging activities that help whole communities to change their behaviour, adopt and keep to a physically active lifestyle. Community Activator Coaches are more than activity and sports leaders – they understand communities and customers.

The Community Sport and Health Officer will work within and across local organisations to organise and coordinate the delivery of opportunities for local communities to get more physically active.  They will learn how to adapt delivery to suit different groups in society; practical experience of how to develop and devise appropriate sports or physical activity programmes; and the expectations of collaborative work with a network of partners / stakeholders.

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