Attending a job interview can be one of the most nerve wracking parts of adulthood.  Since the employment market is so competitive; it is now more important than ever to dress for success at interview!

When attending an interview you should look at your image and ask yourself, would I hire me?

First impressions count; dress with confidence, dress for success!  It’s all about making a positive impact and leaving a great lasting impression.

Impact can be measured in 3 ways:

  1. Visual – how we look
  2. Vocal – how we say it
  3. Content – what we say

The actual content of what we say forms a meagre 7% of peoples over all first impressions. Vocal comes in at 38%. Where as Visual forms a massive 55% of how people first perceive us as an individual.  Personal appearance forms a massive part of this outcome so let’s break this down into easily applicable tips.

Dress for Success at Interview

Men – Make sure that your hair is clean, brushed and looks tidy.  Have it trimmed a few days before your interview and go to a stylist that you have used previously so that you can be confident with the end result.

If you have a beard and or moustache ensure that these are trimmed and look tidy and well groomed.  If you do not have facial hair, ensure that you are cleanly shaven on the day of your interview.

Dress to impress!  Dress smartly preferably in a suit, if you do not own a suit then trousers, shirt and tie. This will show the interviewers that you are serious about the job that you are being interviewed for.  Dress for the position you are applying for!  Don’t wear any bright colours or a patterned suit; blues, blacks and greys are a safe choice for your suit colour and remember an ironed crisp white shirt and a tie.

Make sure that you have clipped your nails and your hands are clean.  Black or brown cleaned, polished and scuff free shoes; match your sock colour to your suit, once again no loud colours.

Women – Dress smartly preferably in a suit, if you do not own a suit then smart trousers.  Ensure your hair is clean, brushed and tidy.  If you wear makeup then ensure that you don’t wear it on your clothes – there is nothing more off putting than seeing foundation rubbed onto the collar of your shirt.  Less is more in this respect!

Make sure that your nails are clean, tidy and don’t have any old nail varnish on there (either have freshly painted nails or leave them natural.)

By dressing smartly you will boost your confidence and help to counteract any pre-interview nerves.  Make sure that you are suitably covered i.e. no low-cut tops or short skirt/dress that you are going to be constantly pulling up or down.  As mentioned previously trousers are always a good safe option accompanied by a blazer or a nice shirt.  Dress for the position that you are applying for.

Ensure that you can walk in the shoes that you have chosen, and they are a closed toe, also that they are clean and scuff free.  If you have chosen to wear a trouser suit and you are wearing socks, wear dark matching socks.  Make sure that tights are ladder and snag free.

A lot of the advice provided in this blog may seem finicky, but the devil is always in the details!

So make every moment count in your interview and remember it’s harder to change someone’s opinion after they have formed bad impression than it is to make a fantastic impression from the start.




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