Are you an individual who enjoys staying fit and healthy?   If so, you might thrive as a Personal Trainer.  But what does being a Personal Trainer entail?  If you are curious, join us today as our resident fitness expert shares a day in the life of a personal trainer! 

Are you an individual who enjoys staying fit and healthy?  If so, you might thrive as a Personal Trainer. But what does being a Personal Trainer entail?

A Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer

Working as a Personal Trainer is a great way to combine your passion for fitness with a desire to help others.  Encouraging people to enjoy exercise and reach fitness goals, provides a real sense of accomplishment.  This is the best part of the job!  However, some days often involve working long hours with early starts and late finishes.  This is something that you will need to be prepared for.

Organisation is essential. Clients want a detailed workout plan that’s specifically personalised to their physicality and goals.  It’s not always as straightforward as writing down a list of exercises and making sure they are performed with the correct posture and technique.  Exercises often have to be tailored around specific injuries including:

  • ACL tear
  • Rotator Cuff
  • Shoulder injuries

Or health problems such as Diabetes and Arthritis.

Are you an individual who enjoys staying fit and healthy?  If so, you might thrive as a Personal Trainer. But what does being a Personal Trainer entail?

What Does a Busy Day Look Like?

  • 6am-9am –  This time slot accommodates the schedules of busier clients.  Early mornings are typically prime time for business people keen to fit in that early morning workout that sets them up for the day.  This can take form in private one-to-one sessions or delivering a group exercise session, such as spinning or circuit classes for example.
  • 9am-11am – This time is typically spent carrying out new gym programmes or free personal training taster sessions in an attempt to gain new clients.
  • 11am1pm – Time to make yourself present on the gym floor!  Interact with members and answer any questions posed.  Members could have questions about specific exercises for their chosen sport, an injury, or general fitness queries.  Some clients may want lunchtime sessions.  If not, you can grab the opportunity to eat lunch and train for yourself – either a quick weights session or cardio workout.
  • 1pm5pm – Delivering one-to-one sessions to retired members, local business people etc.  You will need to find some time to plan sessions for the upcoming days.  Also messaging members to confirm appointments or simply praising them for their efforts within a session earlier in the day!
  • 5pm-8pm – This is typically a busy time within a gym.  You will deliver one-to-one sessions and again group exercise classes which tend to be busy in the evenings. 


Although most days are different the busiest times are before and after generic office hours.  Regardless of the session type it is essential to be enthusiastic and motivational.  As a result people enjoy their exercise, and are intrinsically motivated to reach their fitness goals.

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