Here at Activfirst, we are a big believer that there is something for everybody.  Whether it’s the car you choose to drive, the house you choose to buy or the food you like to eat.  This is no different when it comes to physical activity.

Even in your local area, you’ll probably find once you start taking notice, there’s a good chance there are a lot more activities available than you thought.  So here’s our advice on how to enhance your confidence through physical activity.

Pick Something That Suits You

Ok, so this is probably the most important first step. There’s a good chance you will already know if your interest lies in solo activity or team sports. This is purely down to personal preference! Some of us like nothing more than to put our headphones in with our favourite playlist and enjoy the solitude of running a few miles. We can drift away with nothing but the local scenery and our thoughts for company.

Whereas others enjoy the spirit, togetherness, and camaraderie that team sports bring. So whether it’s the satisfaction of individual success or elation of team success (or both for that matter) there is something out there that will suit everyone.

Set Realistic & Achievable Goals

Put your hand up if you’ve ever walked into your local supermarket and picked up some health or fitness magazine with people on the cover in the most perfect physical shape and thought “I want to look like that.” Our hands are firmly up that’s for sure!

These perfect results might be achievable over time, but most of us are just looking to feel better in ourselves. If we can change our physical appearance for the better along the way that’s a bonus right? So, make sure you set achievable goals. This way when you hit them, the sense of success and achievement will improve your self-confidence no end and encourage you to keep going!

Log Your Progress

You may already keep track of everything you do! Whether that’s the money you spend or certain activities you may already be doing. Don’t let fitness be any different! At times the best way to see, and maybe even more importantly feel that you’re making progress is by recording it.

We all have mobile phones these days that can be connected to fitness watches etc to log progress. But failing that a good old note pad and pen will do the trick. Seeing any improvements you are making will, without doubt, build your confidence and give you the belief and motivation to keep going.

Be Proud Of Yourself Whatever The Result

Finally, be happy with yourself whatever the result! Whether you achieve what you set out to do or not, be happy that you set out to do it at all. With the world we live in these days it’s very easy to claim we don’t have time to dedicate to these activities. Between school runs, work commitments, and anything else going on in our lives, it is hard to keep up. But if you can make the time, you’ll be happy you did.


So that’s it, our tips on how to enhance your confidence through physical activity. We all hope you found something in this post that may be beneficial to you. Whether it’s the mental benefits, emotional benefits, physical benefits, but hopefully all three. Remember, confidence doesn’t discriminate, everybody’s can be improved, including YOURS.

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