The festive season is nigh and for some,  it marks ‘the most wonderful time of the year.‘  But make no mistake, it can also be the most STRESSFUL.  Christmas is the time of year when most people are panic buying and in many cases spending above their means.  Others don’t have this luxury due to low incomes, causing further stress as the holiday looms closer.  Could we instead direct our focus toward more meaningful gift giving?

So, in the true spirit of the festive season why not offer a meaningful gift to those in need.   Spoiler alert, our suggestions won’t cost you an arm and a leg!


3 Meaningful Gifts to Give this Christmas


1 – Offer your Time

You could offer your time to the local food banks and help to prepare and serve hot meals to those less fortunate.  In doing so not only will you help the community, but you’ll also feel good for donating your time to those in need.  Give the gift of time this year and see how many faces you can put a smile on.

2 – Donate to Charity

Give the gift of charity, with Christmas coming up a lot of people like to do a big clear out to make room for the new.  Why not make sure when you’re clearing out that your old possessions go to someone who can make them new.  You never know how it might brighten someone’s day.  There are lots of charities throughout the UK that would gladly take donations.

3 – A Little Bag of Happiness

For the last gift why not try giving out ‘A little bag of happiness.’  Simply find or buy a draw string bag and fill it with a candle, string, elastic, eraser and a penny.  The candle is the guiding light, the piece of string to hold everything together, elastic to stretch yourself, eraser to erase past mistakes and a penny to bring luck in everything your loved one does.  A small simple gift that can mean a lot to someone who needs a bit of happiness their way.

So why not try our simple 3 ways to give a meaningful gift this Christmas.  If anything you will avoid the stressful shopping trips!

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