Many of us make plans to learn a new skill or even simply to try something new.  But how many people leave it as a dream and how many people make it a reality?  A great place to start is by identifying your barriers!  Many people claim “I just don’t have enough time!”  But in reality, are we using what time we do have effectively?

Learn a New Skill – 101

Learn a New Skill
Make a Start!

A great place to start is by choosing the right skill.  Is it important to you and is it your passion?


Make space in your schedule and write down what you are trying to achieve and why.  This will help you get in the right mindset.


Whatever you are trying to learn, try and make it accessible.  For example – that guitar in the cupboard won’t play itself, move it to a place that is visible AND easily accessible.

Avoid Comparisons

Don’t compare yourself to others, it’s your skill and your development.  Comparisons are a sure fire way to lose motivation and focus.


Rome wasn’t built in a day!  Many experts say that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert or master a skill.  Be prepared for setbacks and frustration!

Inch by Inch Life’s a Cinch

Break the skill down into parts to make it easier and less daunting.  Reward yourself when these targets are met.

Identify a Mentor

Find a master of your chosen skill and pay close attention.  What are they doing that you aren’t?  What can you learn from them?


Get the right support and information to allow knowledge and understanding of the skill you are learning, this could come from a range of sources e.g. books, videos, experts in their field and the internet.


Reflect and evaluate on progress made and what the next steps are in your development.  This will keep you focused and moving forwards!

Become Tenacious

Don’t give up!  Remember even small steps forward are better than no steps forwards and there are no backward steps, only lessons and experience gained.

So next time you are watching your guilty pleasure on television or declaring that you don’t have the time, think about your future.  Find time or find an excuse.