Why is it important to improve maths and English skills and achieve your level 2 qualifications?

In this post we will discuss why it is vital to improve maths and English skills in today’s landscape.  With technology constantly evolving, you need to achieve the basic building blocks sooner rather than later.  Maths and English skills are prize commodities and not to be underestimated.  The best way to show ability in these areas, is with accredited qualifications.  We highly recommend achieving level 2 qualifications in maths and English.  In some cases you may even qualify to achieve these for free!

Improve Maths and English

‘You need basic reading, writing and maths skills to apply for most jobs or to study further.’ GOV.UK


Improves basic skills

The world around us can be a scary place if you do not have basic English and maths skills.  Simple tasks can become daunting and confusing.  Imagine looking at a bus timetable, for example, you may struggle to read the names of stops or understand how long it takes to get from one place to another.  Would you still want to travel on the bus if you weren’t sure where you were going or what time you would get there?  Having these skills can have a positive impact on confidence and lead to a person feeling less isolated.

Improves life opportunities and confidence

Applying for jobs can be stressful. It requires a lot of basic skills just to perform a simple job search. You have to:

  • find reliable websites
  • use appropriate keywords
  • complete (often) long application forms
  • write a supporting letter and/or create a CV

Having level 2 English and maths will make your job searches focused, your applications interesting and ultimately give you a greater chance of getting an interview.

Shows your work ethic and focus

If you didn’t achieve a level 2 English/maths in school and actively enrol on an adult courses to improve maths and English skills, it says a lot about the person you are to a potential employer.  It shows that you don’t give up at the first obstacle and that you are willing to fail but try again. This determination is a valuable skill that employers look for.


Makes you a more competitive candidate at interview

Interviews are becoming more competitive and, because of this often there are multiple stages to them. This could include a reading, writing and/or maths test so having those basic skills already puts you at an advantage over other candidates. Additionally, studying English will help you with communication skills, allowing you to sound knowledgeable and confident in your interview.

Its functional so actually relevant!

You may have a negative experience with GCSE maths or English but functional skills are different. There’s no poetry or Shakespeare to learn, no algebra or long division either and it links directly to the real world. From helping to compare mobile phone contracts to writing an application form, functional skills will help with all aspects of your life.

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